Suzuki previews Crosshiker, X-Lander, Hustler

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With the Tokyo Motor Show looming on the horizon, Suzuki has revealed a trio of concept cars it will present at the expo.

First up is the Crosshiker concept, a compact crossover that looks good enough in metallic red, but in its essence reminds us of the oft-maligned X-90 convertible crossover coupe. Based on the G70/Regina concept, the Crosshiker packs a 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine into a compact form that weighs just 1,785 pounds.

Next comes the X-Lander, which strikes us as a smaller take on the formula espoused by the Isuzu VX-02 or Land Rover DC100 Sport concepts. Unfortunately based on the Jimny, the white X-Lander incorporates a 1.3-liter engine with a robotized manual and four-wheel drive into a high-riding, chopped-windshield convertible sport-ute form.

Finally we have the unfortunately named Hustler concept, which, despite its handle, more closely follows the form of the Honda Element or N-One than Larry Flynt's wheelchair. Designed as a "new-genre minicar that suits the active lifestyle of people who love the nature, love the outdoors, and love sports", the Hustler will be presented as a boxy hatchback with a sloping Evoque-style roofline and the words "Green Feel" inexplicably plastered down the flank like a Tonka logo.

The concepts will be showcased alongside an array of Suzuki production vehicles, motorcycles and mobility devices, more of which you can read about in the press release below.

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