About Sabeha Trading Company

Sabeha Trading Company

Sabeha Trading Company is founded officially in 1955 in Aden City by three brothers Ahmad , Hassan and Abdullah. The focus was on fabrics and ropes trade. In 1963, Sabeha Trading Company moved to the port of ALhodeida .This was the beginning of a new era for Sabeha Trading Company which has become one of the most prestigious and successful companies in the Republic of Yemen. Not only its business covers the automotive trade, but extends to a variety of business activities such as the distribution of products of a global brands. Sabeha Trading Company is one of the most successful and recognizable private company in the Republic of Yemen, which is interested in supporting the pillars of the national economy.

Our Mission :

  1. To provide products with economical value, more safty , and high quality.
  2. To provide distinguished pre and after sales services.
  3. To activate the effective participation in the economic development of Yemen by providing    high-quality agricultural products that suit the environment and the clients.

Our Goals :

  • To assist the economical development of Yemen.
  • To make the customers touch the highest level of satisfaction  in both pre and after-sales services.
  • To Provide the latest high-quality products at affordable prices.
  • To Increase our market share and achieve a competitive annual growth in sales.
  • To build its staff skills administratively and technically.

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