About Sabeha

Speech of the Chairman of the Board of Directors

I have always dreamed of this day in which I would find the impact of my great fathers, Ahmed, Hassan, and Abdullah Naji Sabha, and what they did to build the economy of this country from the beginning of the revolution until the present day, through this economic building block, which is now (Sabha Trading Company). Our issuance of this introduction to the company Sabahah Trade since its founding until today is nothing but a record of the effort made by my great fathers in establishing this edifice, and out of our loyalty to them we record our gratitude and gratitude for what they have done by building this lofty economic edifice, which we also consider a valuable contribution and a strong tributary to our national economy, and had it not been for them When we achieved what we have achieved, praise be to God, then He favored them.

Fouad Ahmed Naji Sabeha

Chairman of Board of Directors

Speech of the General Manager

 It is my pleasure to summarize in simple words that carry within them many meanings expressing my thanks and appreciation to those who read this introduction to Sabha Trading Company. Because we believe that companies in general should strive to implement the nation’s higher goals in contributing to achieving economic growth, raising the standard of living, and progress and well-being of the citizen, we at Sabha Trading Company do what we can to contribute in this direction and are keen to provide high-quality products to the Yemeni consumer.

By providing the products of the Japanese company Suzuki, we provide the opportunity for everyone who dreams of fun and luxury to obtain the most luxurious models of the famous Suzuki cars and bicycles. We are proud of these products because they provide safety, comfort and economy. Our company's activity is not limited to cars only, but extends to include other additional products, as we provide the most delicious seeds, flowers, and vegetables that illuminate the earth, which contain innovative technology in planting and yielding. This is the title of what we aspire to provide to the nation for more giving and growth from Sabha Trading Company.

Muhammad Fouad Sabha

General Director

Our History


Sabeha Trading Stores was officially established in the prosperous port and city of Aden, which was then a British protectorate, by three brothers, Ahmed, Hassan, and Abdullah, and the focus was on trading fabrics and ropes.


Sabeha Trading Stores moved to the port of Hodeidah, inaugurating a new era for Sabeha Trading Stores. The new branch witnessed the import and sale of various machines such as water pumps.


Importing and distributing Czech (Jawa) motorcycles and beginning to expand the activity of the agricultural department by importing agricultural seeds.


A business partnership was signed with Suzuki Company to distribute four-wheel drive cars and their spare parts.


Korean GMK trucks agency.


Korean Sihan trucks agency.


 Establishing the agricultural department and obtaining the American Asgro Seed Agency for vegetables. The same year witnessed the start of importing agricultural sprays.


The official name became Sabha Trading Establishment.


Importing household electrical appliances (washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, cookers) of the Japanese Novox/Hitachi brand.


Importing Japanese Daikin air conditioners.


Establishing Nakhlan Poultry Company, one of the largest poultry production companies in Yemen.


Importing Suzuki two-wheel motorcycles.


Representing the Dutch company Gemco for the supply of workshop equipment and mobile veterinary workshops, and the products of the French company Catrus Grande for agricultural and flower seeds.


Importing Japanese Silex photocopiers.


Importing Comfort Air (Mitsubishi) air conditioners and Korean (Al Reef) washing machines.


Importing Suzuki/Egypt small car products.


Importing Indian Suzuki/Maruti automobile products.


Importing Happy Boy full-fat milk powder from the Netherlands.


Participation in the Public Telecommunications Corporation’s tender to supply 30,000 home phones.


Importing agricultural and plastic hoses from the Korean Bonaflex Company, and the company’s official name became Sabha Trading Company.


Inauguration of the new Suzuki maintenance workshop.


Purchasing Suzuki GSX 750 BW motorcycles for the Yemeni Ministry of Interior.


Launching the quick service workshop.